Tag: EU funding

  • How the EU can help journalism

    Why is the European Union so ineffective when it comes to supporting press freedom and media pluralism? And what could it do within the limits of its current competences to foster journalism? It all boils down to one word: CONNECT.

  • The art of EU procurement

    The EU has masterminded the very rules of public procurement, but it is also one of the largest tendering authorities itself. The scope of design of tenders is such that it may make or break entire companies and organisations, and affect the implementation of public policy beyond the specific objectives of any individual tender.

  • EU research: Dealing with FP7 complexities

    The FP7 programme and application process are so immensely complicated and difficult that it basically takes a dedicated FP7 expert to identify the appropriate call and to draft a proposal to match the strict format and eligibility criteria officially prescribed for it.

  • EU research: Why some FP7 projects fall short

    The European Union disburses more than 7 billion euro a year for research. However, funding programmes and application procedures are also very complex and demanding. In this two-part article, I will discuss several related issues.