Category: Public Broadcasting

  • Bridging the journalism-philanthropy gap

    It is an illusion to think that charity can bring systematic and lasting change to society without extending support to media. Considering the benefits to be gained by all involved – charities, journalism, and society – the key obstacles, as identified at Journalism Funders Forum London, are not insurmountable.

  • The Digital News Initiative: What Should Google Do?

    Google’s Digital News Initiative directly affects the grey area between the commercial interests of Google itself, the commercial interests of European journalism outlets, and the public at large. Therefore, it requires a governance model at arm’s length from both Google and its launch partners in the news industry, and a well thought-out setup.

  • Eine kurze Geschichte des Privatfernsehens in Deutschland

    Aktualisierte Fassung zum 30jährigen Bestehen des Privatfernsehens: Aus Wurzeln, die bis in die 1950er Jahre zurückreichen, entstand das Privatfernsehen in Deutschland in den 1980er Jahren aus einer historisch gewachsenen Mischung wirtschaftlicher Interessen mit politischen Wunschvorstellungen.

  • Medienregulierung 2.0 und die Zukunft des Fernsehens

    Vorschau auf die 3. Auflage des “Praxishandbuchs Fernsehen”: In absehbarer Zukunft dürfte der der eigentliche Regulierungsgegenstand der Medienaufsicht, nämlich der Rundfunk mit linearen Programmen, gar nicht mehr existieren. Was dann?

  • Shifting journalism online

    That journalism is inevitably moving online and increasingly detaching itself from the classic substrates of paper and broadcasting is by now a more or less universally accepted fact – despite the obstinate resistance that many legacy media organisations keep putting up. But what does this change process entail for journalism?

  • A critical mass for Public Service Media freedom in South East Europe

    Conventional wisdom has it that Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) can hardly be more forward than the society it serves, which spells problems for PSB in many Western Balkans countries. But in actual fact in can be at least slightly ahead – provided that it has the international and multi-lateral backing necessary to rise above everyday…

  • ZDFneo: New spur for German public TV

    Nationwide German public broadcaster ZDF recently announced the relaunch of one of its digital channels. Of the many interesting and inspired programming decisions, a few stick out as sensational.

  • The benign ecology of Public Broadcasting

    Public broadcasters anywhere would be well advised to convert the current tailwind into genuine and verifiable long-term Public Value strategies. Surprisingly, the best may be still to come.

  • German Public Broadcasters try to defuse Public Value Test

    As a new law is about to deliver to Public Broadcasters a golden opportunity to innovate and enhance the public’s attention and appreciation for their real and future value, they are trying to nip it in the bud.

  • Public money for commercial broadcasters?

    Let the pubcasters worry about the public interest and the private stations about making money. If this separation is really unambiguous, it will bring about more honesty.